Cool Hidden Pool

Posted on 02. Feb, 2014 by in Fun, Uncategorized

This is a great engineering idea that everyone could use in their backyard.  Thankfully I don’t have my pool in yet, so I can now consider this idea.  I could imagine this could help insulate the temperature (cold or hot) as well as help keep leaves out.

Seriously, think about this – keeping the leaves out – that also means it can keep little kids or dogs from falling vs. a standard pool cover that you just get wrapped up in and drown in.  Wow – something that looks cool, is cool…and is safer?!?  What is the world coming to?  Ok, take this amazing engineering one step further so that if a body is sensed on the bottom more than one minute to auto-lift up.  That would really screw up breath holding competitions though.


Here’s another great pool, this one is engineered by AGOR…


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