Captain America: Civil War – Trailer World Premier

Posted on 25. Nov, 2015 by in Marvel, Movies

What happens when the world’s greatest superheroes are forced to fight one another? What happens when best friends fight best friends (who are also their friends)?  Enter Captain America: Civil War.

In the latest Marvel Avenger story line saga, Captain America risks everything to protect his pal Bucky – who is wanted after he was brainwashed to fight the good guys in Captain America: Winter Soldier.  The trailer premiered on Jimmy Kimmel Live, another story in and of itself about Marvel and the studio’s marketing plans.

But back to the trailer – Steve is determined to save his friend whereas Black Widow, Iron Man, War Machine and other Avengers are intent on taking Bucky down (or at least making Captain America stay out of it).

The trailer has a lot of action and hero’s in it, but the following characters are confirmed in the movie as well, but have no scenes in the trailer: Ant-Man, Sharon Carter, Baron Zemo, Vision and Crossbones.  Hulk is also noticeably absent from the trailer and there is no confirmation on whether or not he will appear.  The Black Panter makes an awesome appearance, although Bucky is at the wrong end of the beating in it.


There are some great lines in the preview: “Sometimes I want to punch you in your perfect teeth,” the quippy Tony Stark tells Captain America.

The biggest line by far is when Captain America and Iron Man are fighting.  Captain America says “You know I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t have a choice, but he’s my friend,”

“So was I,” Tony replies from inside his Iron Man suit.


captain america captain america

So this is a Captain America sequel but could almost easily be the next Avengers sequel (minus Hulk and Thor it appears).  The story line didn’t always play out well with readers in the comics, but this does look interesting.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters on May 6.


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