Electronic Arts UFC Game Glitches with Commentary by "Rogan" & "Goldberg"

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Electronic Arts produces some great titles, but its’ latest seems to have some major glitches.  The latest UFC title has been released.  During demo’s – it only had two fighters and the demo suffered from some major glitches.  Most die hard fans were not too worried and assumed the problems would get ironed out prior to the release.  However, the glitches are still present in the production release and have, if anything, multiplied.

Electronic Arts UFC Game Glitches with Rogan Commentary

This video shows some of the best glitches in the game and it is narrated by a fake “Joe Rogan” and “Mike Goldberg”.  Their commentary makes an otherwise funny video even more funny.  “Incredible use of sorcery here on the ground!”.  Many of the fake commentaries remind me of things Rogan would say while getting high – which makes this video even more entertaining.

Spoiler alert – the glitches can be more fun than the game play.  Unfortunately, you can not play this from a competitive perspective because your fighter might suffer a random knockout at the start of a round (which are typically attributed to the referee).  Fighters magically get swung in the air and go into zombie or mummy mode.  Jon “Bone” Jones contorts into positions that make it seem like he has no bones at all.  Rousley gets taken down by a sliding takedown coming from all the way across the octagon.

EA UFC Glitches Video Joe Rogan

The highly is probably fighters getting swung magically in the air above the cage as if God were playing with rag dolls.  Sadly, it is disappointing because the new physics engine looks great and the animations are awesome – but evidently there are too many bugs they didn’t bother to fix prior to rushing a release.



EA UFC Glitches Video Rousley

Electronic Arts UFC Game Glitches with Rogan Commentary 2

Enjoy the latest UFC game, but don’t expect to have a serious competition with a friend or online stranger – it just won’t work.  If you like to play in that sense – just wait awhile and let some updates come out (which they should we hope).


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