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Posted on 25. Feb, 2017 by in Fun

We all loved a great game of tag when we were kids.  It was also fun to play on furniture and then later creative playgrounds and act like the ground was lava.  Eventually that morphed into free running or parkour.  Some have decided to combine these elements into a competitive game of tag.

A successful move to keep from getting tagged?  An “Evasion” of course with various jukes and jinks and even a “Move of the Night” (16 seconds in).

There are several talented players in this video, check out:
Jai Battrick –

Chris Zarkadoulas –

Teige Matthews-Palmer –

Greg Ball –

Joe Thomson –

James Kirsop Maine –

Marrero Gang –

If you enjoyed this video and would like more information, check out the Marrero Gang who will be defending their title next summer:…

In case you didn’t know – tag is a national sport in India, Pakistan and surrounding countries.  There is it called Kabaddi. 

In Kabaddi an attacker, or raider, is sent to the opposing side to try to tag someone and cross back to his own side.  The opponents try to capture the raider.  In some leagues, this raid has to be completed on a single breath.  Tags can be accomplished with hands or feet and as such can sometimes be accomplished with martial arts style kicks.  Raiders are often tackled in a mixture of NFL and Jujitsu moves.

Here’s a great video of Kabaddi:

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