Marvel's Ant-Man Trailer / Teaser

Posted on 08. Jan, 2015 by in Movies

Let’s face it, a hero named Ant-Man just doesn’t sound as sexy, powerful, or wonderful as Wolverine, Dead Pool, or many others we could all name.  Luckily Marvel quickly addresses that, even in the teaser.  So who is the Ant-Man?

The original Ant-Man was a scientist named Dr. Henry “Hank” Pym.  He created a substance that allowed him to alter his physical size.  He also had a helmet created that allowed him to control ants.  Sexy right?  Pym becomes far more important because he had a hot chick girlfriend that became his partner – the Wasp.  The two then founded this team of super hero’s called the Avengers.  Oh…now that’s what someone so little is so big.

Pym went on to fight under other aliases over the years, but instead of shrinking himself, he would go the other way and enlarge himself.  Now that makes some logical sense.  Some of his other hero aliases are Giant-Man, Goliath, and …Yellowjacket?  Other characters later succeeded him as Ant-Man using his same formula he created.

One other note, Pym creates a robot called Ultron.  To the Avenger followers out there – this should sound familiar.


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