Obama's Surprise

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Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl Freed

So Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was finally released from Taliban captivity.  Many people have questions and want to know the truth – finally – we are bringing the truth to you, our special viewers…Let’s separate the fact from fiction…


First we’ll address a few finer points but then we have a shocker everyone must read…

Was the release of 5 Gitmo detainees legal?

Answer – probably not.  Releasing anyone from Gitmo requires 30+ days notice to Congress.  That is if you are releasing them…but…what if you are not really “releasing” them, in the sense?  More to come…

5 released Taliban from Gitmo

Is Bergdahl a traitor who left his comrades?

Great question.  We were not there and therefore choose not to judge or speculate on the answer to this one.  Time will tell.  Meanwhile he’s been in captivity for 5 years, his English and vocal chords hardly work anymore and he has obvious medical issues – let’s give him the benefit of doubt…for now.

Bergdahl’s Dad is a Muslim hippy traitor?

Bergdahl’s father has been known to sound a bit out there.  At a White House speech he stated:  “bism allah alrahman alraheem” – which means “in the name of God the most gracious and most merciful”.  First and foremost, Allah in Arabic is the same as God in English.  As a matter of fact, the “God” they pray to is the same as the “God” Christian’s pray to.  The difference is Christians believe in the Trinity and the Spirit and Jesus.  Muslims believe that Jesus either didn’t exist or was only a prophet like Mohammed.  But if someone yells “Allah Ackbar” – that is the same as any Christian yelling “God is Great!”.  And…it’s actually directed at the exact same deity.  So anyone mad at yelling God is Great in Arabic is just plain dumb ignorant.  Does that blessing anoint the White House as a mosque???  Does your pipe have crack in it?

Barack Obama, Jani Bergdah, Bob Bergdahl,

If my son were captured by hostile Muslims – I would practice my Arabic too and I would easily say blessings – anything not compromising my beliefs to get my son to better treatment or release.

Obama is an Idiot Who Violated the Law?

No, our secret sources tell us that the Taliban prisoners from Gitmo were seeded with a digestable tracking beacon.  We now know where they are and can track where they are going (at least for a few days).  So we have several armed Predator drones over each of the 5 targets.  When we see a gathering of high level officials, we will unleash several Hellfire missiles on the area killing the ex-detainees and other top Taliban officials.  If Obama released the prisoners with means to track and trace them – and thus find more Taliban – than he pulled an intelligence maneuver – not a prisoner trade due to terrorist demands.  Therefore he may not need Congressional approval 😉

The only problem is the tracking tags are only good for about 5 days.

Predator strike on Taliban

Is Obama a law-breaking idiot?  Perhaps not – let’s see if we blow up some top officials in the next few days.


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