Rednecks will be Rednecks…Chainsaw Shotgun

Posted on 04. Dec, 2015 by in Fun

What do rednecks do when they have too much time?  They think of ways to make custom guns for the coming zombie Apocalypse or when Obama comes to take their guns.

The video starts out slow but then gets interesting after Cooter shows up with his new gun.  The dual bayonet is great and I love the pump handle on the shotgun.  Nice piece.  I was extremely disappointed that they did not show off the chainsaw.  I wonder if it is a real feature or for looks – well, from a glance, it is for pure looks.

Have fun and hopefully a redneck will be inspired to put down his beer can, get up from the lawnchair, and go to the garage and start tinkering!


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