Wal Mart Ball Pitting

Posted on 24. Aug, 2013 by in Uncategorized

Ok – so we bring mostly video game and movie news here – but sometimes we come across something worth sharing.  This week we bring you a nice Wal Mart ball pit diving compilation.

Ok, so many trends are disturbing – like milk gallon smashing – why make someone clean up your mess.  Sure I hear all the time that they actually pay for the milk – but who pulls out the mop and pays that guy?  Twerking – really?  Ok “moms” and “dads” – do you know where your children are and what they are doing?  Do these kids really put all the balls back?  In any case, despite preaching – I did find myself laughing and smiling during parts of this video.  Overall here’s my take:

1. Wal Mart makes pretty tough ball cages.  I didn’t notice one getting damaged (well there was a really flimsy looking one at the beginning).

2. Though the ball cages are tough – maybe Wal Mart should make them tougher.  After all, parents will sue Wally World once their beloved angel breaks his or her neck.  Maybe put signs out front – ball pit dive at your own risk.

3. I love the more creatives who borrow helmets / capes / bicycle horns and props.  Of course I am sure they properly restocked everything.

4. Kids – make sure the ball pits have a significant number of balls in them.  It’s like diving into too shallow of water!


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