World of Warcraft Player Hits Level 90 Without Leaving Starting Zone

Posted on 24. Jun, 2014 by in Uncategorized, World of Warcraft

I have grinded out some high level characters in Skyrim – lot’s of alchemy and forging – those might be the easiest.  But if you are looking for the ultimate grind – check out what this player did in World of Warcraft.  This guy hit level 90 without ever leaving his starting zone (well, sorta).  The best way to describe it is – level 90 without joining a faction. (…).  Yeah player “Doubleagent”.

It only took 173.5 game days (amount spent in time in-game) to get to level 90.

A normal pandaren (a WOW character) stays neutral until level 10 and then decides to join a faction and thus join quests and adventures in other zones to level up higher and have more entertainment.  So Doubleagent decided to stay neural and not join a faction which means he could not leave his starting zone.  The only method of leveling up was through mining and picking herbs.

Doubleagent eventually wanted to reach the western part of the Wandering Isle but he could not leave the Isle since he had no faction.  To eventually get a spawn in the western part he had to die…many times.  Doubleagent claims the grinding was “…at times I can find it relaxing, a change from the normal”.

Watch the video to see his moment of hitting the highest level 90.  Please note there is a rather large group (if you are a WOW fan) following him – that is because he prearranged a date and time he expected to hit level 90 and so a lot of friend and curiosity seekers showed up to watch the level 90 ding and all the ensuing chaos.  Yeah WOW fans for making it a big party.

Enjoy – and Doubleagent, if you enjoy grinding so much, I have a few employment positions that might work well for you.

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