WWII Star Wars Edition: Buy your War Bonds today!

Posted on 17. Dec, 2015 by in Star Wars

Imagine Star Wars and the infamous black and white war bond commercials getting merged together.  Well that’s what the folks at Iron Horse Cinema imagined and this video is the result.  WWII with AT-AT’s, Admiral Ackbar side by side with Patton, Tie Fighters in the infamous Battle over Britain – this is extremely creative and fun to watch.

They give credit to the Star Wards franchise for showing people how to dream, and also to the troops who served so we have that freedom to dream.  If you like their video, you can subscribe to their channel here:

The 3D Models used were from:


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  1. Sam

    18. Dec, 2015

    George S. Patton and 3-CPO???LOL

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