Ylvis – The Fox – So that's what a Fox sounds like.

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Ok, so we stick to mostly video game or sometimes related movie clips – but when we come across something really weird or different we feel obliged to share it with our audience.

Meet Ylvis.  Our understanding is that they are Norwegian and this is the hottest video in Norway.  There are talks that this could be the next Gangam style, but honestly, Norway doesn’t sport quite the population as it’s Asian musical counterpart.  This will need a lot of viral help to hit it off and we aren’t going to leverage any bets on it’s future.

Are those light sabers in the woods?  The dancers are well timed and choreographed, and my favorite line might be “the elephant toots”.

Wa-pa-pa-pa–pa-pa-pow!  Wa-pa-pa-pa–pa-pa-pow!

Let the copycats begin.  I am sure this video will be spoofed incessantly over the next month…and hopefully we can bring you some of the best ones.  But for now – we are happy to bring it to you – enjoy the Fox!  Below are plenty of pics for all you Pinterest pinner’s out there (both of you).

The Fox - wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow The fox says the-fox What Does the Fox Say ylvis-the-fox


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