5 minute Grand Theft Auto V highway pileup/explosion

Posted on 23. Dec, 2015 by in Grand Theft Auto

So you are playing GTAV and you just crashed your bike on the freeway in a bad move and next thing you know all hell breaks loose.  I’m talking a 5 minute Apocalypse of Michael Bay proportions.  All because you can’t drive your bike.

This is an instant Grand Theft Auto classic.  The people are getting burned and kicked by each other, getting run over and setting each other on fire.  You even see people trying to literally run for the hills.
GameStop, Inc.

Now the armchair quarterbacks get to put in their two cents and say why didn’t he get video capture from the hill perspective – which he does toward the end of the video.  Even then a lot of the disaster would be gone (except some black spots on the ground).  There are many questions about this so we can get into the nitty gritty details.  The game will cull any objects not close in view or proximity.  So at the end when he finally gets to the hill and looks back, much of the carnage is gone.

This is actually what causes more of a chain reaction.  As more cars are culled because they are out of site, more cars are allowed into the area – so that’s how we get a 5 minute inferno.  The game works on engines with limits.  For instance, there may be a decal limit and items get culled after reaching the limit.  Likewise there is an exploded models limit and the number is reached, some cars are culled, and new ones thrown into the fire thus stoking the fun.  What RAGE engine fun 🙂

In any case, this player must be immortal, he survives a wreck, tries to run and gets hit by car after car while trying to run from the Apocalypse – finally finding refuge in them ‘thar hills.

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