Creeper Catcher – Can You Build One for Your Little Sister?

Posted on 12. Nov, 2015 by in Minecraft

Ok, I wished I could take a lot of time to give this ingenious invention the credit it deserves.  However, the clock on the wall doesn’t allow that.

Likewise I never comprehend where Minecraft fanatics get the time to think, build, test, and even make a video and blog about such things – but today we are presented with a Creeper Trap.  For all of you asking – this does not work on little siblings or young children – trust me – that I have taken the time to test.

So until such a sibling / young creature trap is created – waste a bit of the valuable time you do have viewing this video we proudly bring you today.

Meanwhile enjoy the following Creeper Art:

Creepers - no one is safe

Creeper Hoodie

Are you a “creeper” or a CREEPER

Minecraft Hot Creeper

Why am I never this lucky in Minecraft.

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