Game of Thrones meets Minecraft

Posted on 22. Jun, 2013 by in Minecraft

So what do you do if you love Game of Thrones and also happen to be a Minecraft fan?  Oh, and you have seemingly all the time in the world?  You spend a year building out Westeros.  That’s right – meet WesterosCraft.  It is a Minecraft server with a 1/100th scale model of Westeros inspired from the best selling book (and now huge HBO hit show) Game of Thrones by George Martin.


Afterall, G.O.T. is all about castles and walls and villages and…well, all the stuff people who like Minecraft like to build.  Fights with golems and unnatural creatures fit in too – so there eventually had to be some overlap.  The creator admits he has been called a virgin at least a thousand times over the past year despite being married.  Let’s admit – G.O.T. is not for little kids (if you let your children watch Game of Thrones you might need a bit of a slap).  So hopefully these builders working from the ability of the author to inspire visual representations with his words are mostly adults seeing as the books are not exactly for children (much less the HBO series).  ..And probably adults with or without day jobs and a lot of time on their hands – so the virgin comparison is fair.


In this case – it’s ok to allow your children to watch the WesterosCraft videos.  Maybe they’ll have some inspiration for a new castle to build in Minecraft themselves.  But for those older virgins with too much time…so that’s Westeros – can’t wait to see the rest of George Martin’s world…go get busy building.



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