Player Two

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This video is amazing and powerful.  Please share.  I want to let the video speak for itself, so I am going to not comment any further.  The following info is straight from YouTube:
Player Two
Published on Apr 12, 2016

Based on a YouTube comment by 00WARTHERAPY00:


Featuring Zac Pullam
Directed by John Wikstrom
Cinematography by Idan Menin
Steadicam Operator – Benjamin Verhulst
Gaffer – Jacob Abrams
Colorist – Dillon Novak
Edited and Produced by John Wikstrom
Special Thanks: Luke Ryan, Michelle Pullam, Maureen Pohl, Peter Borrud, Clairmont Camera.
Portugese Subtitles and Translation: Raniê Solarevisky
Spanish Subtitles and Translation: Noah Dominguez
Chinese Subtitles and Translation: Jack Sze



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